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Al Rajhi University Al Bukairiyah, Al Qassim

Client   Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi Charitable Foundation, Riyadh
Location   Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia
Duration   2007 to 2011
Function   1st building phase: Medical University (6,000 students)
  with teaching hospital (1000 beds) incl. infrastructure
  central facilities and housing area
  non-medical university (10,000 students)
Figures   16,000 students totally
GFA   750,000 m²
Architecture and Engineering   Master plan and operational
  and architectural
  development planning incl.
  infrastructure for the
  whole university
  1st realisation phase:
  Architectural and
  engineering services
Management Consultancy
and Operational Planning
  Participation in the
  conception of the whole
  university in cooperation
  with the University of
  Strategic consulting
  Operational conception
  Functional and single room
Medical and Laboratory Engineering   Planning of medical and
  laboratory equipment

Based on firm foundations

HWP's expertise is contained in four divisions, which practise multidisciplinary cooperation while also handling their own projects independently:


Architecture and Engineering:

From establishing the basis of the project, design and execution drawings, tender activities to project supervision, project control and documentation - architecture as sole service or full integrated services.

Project Management:

Reliable control and management of complex building projects, quality assurance for the client within the specified time and cost framework, coordination and integration of all parties involved and last but not least, conflict management.

Management Consultancy and Operational Planning:

Strategic and operational consulting, feasibility studies, planning of structures and processes including their implementation with the aim of process optimisation.

Medical and Laboratory Engineering:

Planning, tendering and project supervision of operational, medical and laboratory equipment, in particular for industry, as well as for health care, education and research facilities.

Working with our subsidiary GBU – Gesellschaft für Betriebsorganisation und Unternehmensplanung mbH we offer simulation and process optimisation solutions for industry, logistics and the health sector.

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