Fancy a Prospect with a Plan?
HWP provides.

We promote the potential of every individual through open development goals and leadership opportunities.

Whether you are a motivated newcomer, looking for a career change or an experienced professional – our doors are open for new talent. We appreciate those that think around corners and can defend their opinions.

HWP offer a wide range of exciting positions, a friendly team spirit with numerous incentives and challenges. We aim to provide space for individual careers and personalities to grow and flourish.

If you have questions or would like to send us your application, feel free to contact us by email: or use our career portal.

Apart from the posted positions, we are always open to applications, even though a position may not be advertised on our website – also from working students and newcomers/career-beginners who set themselves goals and are excited by the big picture.


»From arriving to advancing– we support you continuously and gladly with your next big step.«
Your contacts at HWP

Sandra Schaal & Melanie Dziwok


Company Culture

Joy at Work – and outside work

We recognise that enjoying work has a direct correlation with teamwork. The success of a project often reflects the strength of this relationship. HWP promotes a work-life balance to enhance individual happiness and performance, which is on top of the numerous perks and benefits we provide.

Winter and ski trips form a long tradition at HWP.

Good Taste

…is no coincidence at HWP!

Our in-house gourmet chef, Stefan Gekeler, has been charming our taste buds for over 20 years and serves us daily with delicious and freshly cooked meals.

Whether during breakfast, lunch or informal parties, at HWP we indulge in sharing ideas above and beyond work related themes and projects.

Always fun for everyone.
»I enjoy incorporating the cultural and culinary exchanges I experience during my travels into my work as HWP's chef.«
Stefan Gekeler | Chef

What we create together

… reflects our diversity!

HWP is known for hosting lavish excursions and legendary parties, which receives much praise and appreciation from the staff. These events stimulate a collegiate atmosphere which results in many spontaneous sport, music and cultural activities that are either arranged by individuals or teams within the office.

HWP believes that a constructive company culture has a positive impact on well-being and provides a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of shared success.

Perhaps we can share these moments together soon?

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We’re on the move

We promote and invest in sustainable mobility. Not only do we want to protect the climate, we also want to reduce fine particles and other harmful substances from our urban environments.

We offer the ‘JobTicket’, which is a state subsidy for promoting public transport and cycling. Choose any bike of your choice, even electric, and you can profit from our offer.

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Together we cross the finish line

We often participate in team events, ranging from the famous Stuttgart-Run, Go-Karting, Football tournaments or casually paddling / skating on longboards – we enjoy staying fit. It’s not only about competitive thinking but mainly about participating in the HWP team.

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Keeping the Beat

The combination of people, goals and processes in a company often resembles an orchestra: Harmony exists when every member knows his part and expertly plays his or her instrument – and when the conductor in his or her leading role sets the rhythm/beat.

Drum roll: For gifted musicians (and all who wish to be one) HWP offers a stage.

(Option 2) Enthusiastic applause comes as easily as the fun of making music together.

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To New Horizons

Unforgettable shared experiences are at the top of the HWP annual agenda.

We plan regular, multi-day trips and company excursions / office outings to the most interesting and exciting places on the map.

Already before the destination announcement, the betting and guessing at HWP begins: “Where might we travel to this year?”

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The Best for Last

Our HWP Christmas Party ensures / makes for the perfect end to the business year.

In a magical atmosphere / ambience we celebrate in a boisterous / playful, gregarious / sociable gathering and leave nothing out, in order to start the new year right / in a good mood:

At a playful, social gathering, we celebrate in a magical atmosphere and leave nothing out. In order to start the new year right.

With an exclusive buffet, live music and a surprising program, we thank all of our employees for their continuous commitment.