Anyone involved in strategic and operational corporate planning in hospitals has to make decisions of major significance. The future will show whether these are right – a future that is harder to predict than ever. But if nothing is more flexible than the future, then the hospital of the future must be highly flexible.

Flexibility is the sustainable adjustment of the personnel, space, machine, process and time factors based on the initial, location and market conditions. Developing it is complex and demanding. It requires experience, expertise and a corporate culture that regards flexibility not only as a goal, but also as the path to the goal.

At HWP flexibility is embedded into the DNA of the company. Our consulting teams are interdisciplinary: healthcare experts, architects, engineers and business economists work together right from the start. This is how we implement multiple perspectives into the consulting process: a guarantee that maximum flexibility and pragmatic solutions are identified in dialogue with our clients.

The second guarantee are the tools developed by HWP. Since flexibility in particular needs a structure: from the basic flexibility potential analysis to dynamic structure and process modelling. With these tools we can show our clients which functional areas are stable and which are volatile in their future development. We can also show which requirements result from this for optimal structural implementation. The hospital as a networked core of regional health care: this is the blueprint for the hospital of the future.