Interdisciplinary thinking - coordinated planning. This is Our approach.

We offer professional competence from our four disciplines

  • Architecture,
  • Project Management,
  • Medical & Laboratory Engineering, as well as
  • Operational Planning & Healthcare Consulting

We offer our clients comprehensive and holistic solutions from one source. In this way we successfully realise innovative buildings, such as “the hospital of the future”, “the smart school”, and the “efficient and ergonomic factory of tomorrow”.

About Us

Holistic and reliable consulting, planning and management of complex construction projects – that is our competence. But our strength comes from the process of how we work.

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Facing dynamic challenges dynamically

One thing is certain: “There is always change”, so we face the ongoing challenges.

Whether related to sustainability, digitalisation or urbanisation, change necessitates development. As a company, we promote and even need change to take place in order to proactively shape future opportunities.

Hence we encourage staff to attend further education, training, seminars and workshops as part of our work culture.

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Encouraging the free exchange of ideas

We see ourselves as a part of a team whose common goal is to achieve the best possible results on every project. A holistic approach is always required, therefore we actively combine varying perspectives that come from within our interdisciplinary teams. We respect individual knowledge and views from all of our team members, which we believe leads to effective and efficient results for our clients.

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On-Site Info-learning

Controversial speakers, lively debates and the exchange of ideas is what characterises ‘‘HWP’s Spargelrunde‘‘. We regularly organise informative events on various topics related to innovation or competencies that affect our clients’ business sectors, especially from our focus industries.

Our company logo symbolises our interdisciplinary approach, that’s why we call it ‘‘Spargelrunde’’ (bunched asparagus).

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Continuously supporting know-how

We passionately share our many years of experience and expertise with others. We especially promote a dynamic exchange of knowledge and experience among experts, colleagues, employees and interns. We hold seats at several Universities in a variety of courses. One will also find many of our colleagues speaking at university lectures, national and international conferences, workshops, as well as producing publications on the latest trends and innovations for a variety of Professional Journals.


Together we shape change

Who is HWP? A group of more than 130 committed and creative people who are passionate about delivering outstanding and innovative projects. The basis of our work is our attitude – authentic, future-oriented and reliable.

We enjoy finding solutions to complex tasks, hence, we enthusiastically embrace unusual and challenging projects. Our group of experts make this possible when we come together as a team.

Jobs & Career

Fancy a Prospect with a Plan?

Experience HWP’s exciting positions, unique team spirit, numerous incentives, and room in which careers and personalities grow.

Think new, push your ideas forward, and choose a career at HWP that inspires you!


HWP Stuttgart

HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Rotenbergstraße 8
70190 Stuttgart, Germany

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HWP Berlin

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Portal 1b, 1. OG, rechts
10999 Berlin, Germany

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HWP Greifswald

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Yachtweg 2a
17493 Greifswald, Germany

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HWP Nürnberg

HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Im Aufbau

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HWP Zürich

Zentralstrasse 119a
CH-8003 Zürich

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