Management Team

Deputy Division Manager Operational Planning and Healthcare Consultancy | Member of the Board

Sabine Weisser

In addition to her degrees in business administration, organizational programming and pediatric nursing, Sabine Weisser has more than 20 years of experience in business organization and medical technology planning.

At HWP Planungsgesellschaft she is the Deputy Head of the Operational Planning and Healthcare Consulting.

Through the combination of her former work as a pediatric nurse in pediatric intensive care at two pediatric hospitals in Southern Germany, her degree in economics, and her many years of professional experience at HWP, Ms. Weisser is an expert in the areas of strategic and operative business organization, resource and process planning, as well as commissioning support for healthcare facilities in Germany and abroad.

From feasibility studies to the preparation of spatial and functional programs, the supervision of architectural competitions, consultation for architectural planning and execution, the preparation of organizational manuals, and the planning and implementation of the commissioning by users, Ms. Weisser joins complex projects with her multidisciplinary expertise – fully and passionately.

┬╗Zusammenkommen ist ein Beginn, Zusammenbleiben ein Fortschritt, Zusammenarbeiten ein Erfolg.┬ź
Sabine Weisser