Planning of Medical and Laboratory equipment involves more than ‘just’ fitting furniture and medical devices into a room. Our aim is to ensure the best possible use of resources available to achieve efficient methods and procedures for undertaking specialist tasks, especially for medical and scientific work.

Science, research and technology are evolving at lightning speed and we increasingly have to adapt and respond to new laboratory concepts. In our view, this also involves optimising the quality of the environment and workplace for staff, particularly in laboratories subject to stringent safety standards.

At HWP, our Medical and Laboratory Equipment Planning specialists often work in interdisciplinary teams in close cooperation with our Planners, Architects and Engineers, as well as external doctors and medical staff. Using specialist IT and BIM tools, we can provide certainty with regards to planning, scheduling and controlling costs during design and implementation stages.

For over 50 years, we have been advising, planning and implementing a diverse range of medical and laboratory projects in Germany and worldwide. We have worked on a variety of large and complex projects for Universities, Hospitals, Schools and Industrial complexes.