We encourage and facilitate a culture of reliability and cooperation between all members of the team. That is what we believe is the key to success. Project Managers are in essence the moderators and coordinators between all those involved in the project.

For over 50 years Clients have increasingly utilized our project management skills into delivering complex and prestigious building projects. Our Project Management division has a unique opportunity to combine knowledge and experience from our specialist Planning, Engineering and Architectural divisions.

  • Operational Planning
  • Medical and Laboratory Engineering
  • Architecture

This multi-disciplinary approach allows us to analyze results and make suggestions for improvement. It enables us to recognise the technical content and quality of planning, which in turn promotes progress of the services of all project participants.

Our clients also benefit from our interface between our project planning specialists and our management coordination and control teams. Ultimately, optimizing the process comes down to dovetailing the services of all planners with the contractors involved during implementation and construction phases. The strength of this relationship delivers overall success.

Our Project Management team offer a wide range of services, including healthcare, airports, education and research, schools, housing and multi-story car parks.