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Al Rajhi University Al Bukairiyah, Al Qassim

Client   Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi Charitable Foundation, Riyadh
Location   Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia
Duration   2007 to 2011
Function   1st building phase: Medical University (6,000 students)
  with teaching hospital (1000 beds) incl. infrastructure
  central facilities and housing area
  non-medical university (10,000 students)
Figures   16,000 students totally
GFA   750,000 m²
Architecture and Engineering   Master plan and operational
  and architectural
  development planning incl.
  infrastructure for the
  whole university
  1st realisation phase:
  Architectural and
  engineering services
Management Consultancy
and Operational Planning
  Participation in the
  conception of the whole
  university in cooperation
  with the University of
  Strategic consulting
  Operational conception
  Functional and single room
Medical and Laboratory Engineering   Planning of medical and
  laboratory equipment

Creating optimum conditions for man's curiosity

We offer special expertise in planning and construction of:


  • facilities for education
  • research facilities
  • communal facilities such as lecture halls, accommodation, administrative and buildings for technical requirements as for instance industrial heating plants, sprinkler systems, etc.


Architecture. Engineering. Consulting.

With our specialist teams we can offer you sound technical expertise which can be networked in our company at any time to cater for your needs. Depending on your requirements we can provide comprehensive support in all phases of a project or just for specific services:


  • Architecture and mechanical engineering: from master plan to project supervision
  • Project management: controlling and project responsibility
  • Management consultancy / Operational planning: from the development of the basic information derived from the company's purpose, organisational structure, flow of works and resource planning to the commissioning of the organisation
  • Medical and laboratory engineering:from the identification of the requirements regarding the medical and laboratory equipment, planning, tendering and supervision of installation to the start-up of the process and putting into operation


Curiosity is one of the strongest driving forces in the history of man. It acts as a bridge between earliest man, who no longer fled at the sight of fire, to the nanotechnologist of today or students who are gearing up to take our world to the next stage of development. University buildings and high-tech research laboratories, offering them the best opportunities for progress, are one of HWP's key areas.


We have developed special skills in this field in 40 years of successful work on behalf of international clients from research and education. The services offered by HWP range from the adaptation of existing facilities and research centres to scientific and technical progress to the fundamental establishment of university complexes. Such projects benefit from our unique multidisciplinary approach. This allows us to unite our in-depth knowledge about the concepts of education with the principles of economy and our expertise in project control.

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