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BIM Benefits Compared to Traditional Planning

Building Information Modeling allows for integrative and digital planning of complex projects as well as working together with various other planning disciplines collaboratively. Thus for clients, compared to planning the traditional way, BIM constitutes a competitive advantage. The most distinct advantages are:


Advantages in Planning, Execution & Commission

  • Reduction of poor planning
  • Reduction of information losses
  • Reduction of redundant works
  • Early detection of clashes in the model
  • Better cost control due to model based calculations


Benefits for Clients and Operating Companies

  • Qualities can be defined and fixed in the early stages
  • Visualization and simulation of variants and scenarios for
    decision making
  • Better and earlier cost control and cost monitoring
  • Transparent and understandable planning
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Providing data for life cycle management
  • Optimization of facility management


Using BIM since 2006, HWP have drawn the conclusion that deploying a BIM Coordination Manager is a factor crucial for success. In his role as primary contact, this person steers all BIM-related processes, coordinates the project, defines and supervises BIM project rules and stays ahead of the technological innovations in the field.


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