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New Building 'Multigeneration House Paulinenpark', Stuttgart


Competition (1st prize)

Client   Foundation "Heilanstalt Paulinenhilfe für orthopädisch Kranke"
Location   Stuttgart
Duration   2007 to 2012
Function   Multigeneration house (old people's and nursery home,
  attended housing, nursery school, social centre)
Figures   approx. 15.5 Mill. EUR
GFA   11.000 m²
Architecture and Engineering   Competition (1st prize),
  Planning, Tendering
  Project supervision
Project Management   Project management

Ageing Society / Dementia Specialist Team

How will we want to live in our old age? How will we cope with typical age related conditions such as dementia? How should healthcare facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and the various living facilities be designed with these needs in mind? How can we ensure they are viable; technically proficient and economically organized?


In an increasingly ageing society, these questions are paramount in the field of healthcare. As specialists in the consulting, planning and realization of healthcare facilities for more than 40 years, HWP has been engaged in the development of answers to the questions that affect the healthcare sector.


With our interdisciplinary Ageing Society / Dementia Specialist Team, our existing core competencies are complemented to provide a topic-focused service bundle. The aim of our Ageing Society / Dementia Specialist Team is to provide consulting and planning solutions through a modular concept for specifically, the intelligent design of hospitals, nursing homes and residential environments for elder care.


The Ageing Society/Dementia Specialist Team offers the following modules:

  • Operational Planning
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Information Technology