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Okmeydani Training and Research Hospital


Earthquake resistant hospital design, Sustainable Building (target: LEED certification)

Client   Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPCU)
Location   Istanbul, Turkey
Duration   2010 to 2012
Function   Functional diagnostics, 27 operation theatres + 1 caesarean
  section, intensive care unit, central sterilisation,
  inpatient departments, oncological centre of excellence,
  teaching areas, logistics, underground parking
Figures   1,099 beds
GFA   250,560 m²
Architecture and Engineering   Conceptual study, Master plan
  Design Planning, Construction drawings
  Building permission application
Management Consultancy
and Operational Planning
  Planning of resources Organisational
  structure and process planning
  Functional and single room program
  Healthcare logistics, Dynamic process
  simulation and optimisation
Medical and Laboratory Engineering   Planning and tendering of medical
  and laboratory equipment
  IT Solutions

We put our heads together

The staff at HWP make up a team of some 100 highly qualified committed colleagues from many different professions: architects, engineers and project managers, natural scientists, doctors and medical staff, IT specialists and experts in economics, public administration and sociology. And last but not least, the company chef, who does his bit to ensure we remain motivated and at our best.


We come from more than fifteen different countries and speak 20 languages. Many projects are characterised by multidisciplinary cooperation. A good working relationship is essential if we are to enjoy our work – something that is key to the results we achieve for our clients. A strong culture of dialogue, team spirit and intercultural expertise thus already play an important role at the company, not just vis-à-vis our international clients. This makes high demands on every member of staff in terms of professional and personal qualifications.


Personal responsibility and self-organisation, fast direct communication pathways and scope for decision-making by the individual are not only what our employees are looking for, but are also key factors for success when dealing with complex tasks.

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