Hospital | New construction of general hospital with outpatient clinics and emergency unit, functional diagnostics and endoscopy, diagnostic areas of radiology and nuclear medicine, laboratory medicine and pathology, operating department, wards for general, intermediate care and intensive care, therapy center, dialysis and day clinic as well as administrative and logistics units including modernisation of the existing energy center (preliminary measure) and expansion of level 5 of the west building section (after completion of construction)

Primary values
7 OTs, 360 beds (30 beds ICU / IMC)
NIA     24,605 m²
GFA    50,825 m²
GBV 210,265 m³

approx 174,6 Mio. €

Architecture | Feasibility study, general planning, planning, tendering, project supervision, health and safety coordination
Medical & Laboratory Engineering | Planning, tendering, project supervision