Research and production plant for microelectronics (production of lithographic masks for the manufacturing of semiconductors) with administration building and canteen

The AMTC will see Dresden expanding into a world-beating centre for the development and pilot production of future lithographic masks. The building is to be constructed on a site located to the North of Dresden measuring about 55,000 square metres, and will provide approximately 8,500 square metres of effective surface area and space for 370 workplaces.

Microelectronics research facility for development and pilot production of lithographic masks in semiconductor manufacturing consisting of production hall, administrative complex with offices, canteen and customer area as well as central utility building

Primary values
GFA 22,780 m²

approx. 65.0 Mio. €

Architecture | Planning, Tendering, Project supervision

Design Architect
AMA Group S.r.l. – Mercurio Design Lab, Italy