Management Team

Division Manager Operational Planning and Healthcare Consulting | Member of the Board

Roman Lovenfosse

Roman Lovenfosse has been the Head of Operational Planning and Healthcare Consulting of HWP Planungsgesellschaft since 2019.

With his diverse professional experience as a trained nurse and paramedic, and after studying business administration at the Academy of Administration and Economics in Cologne, Roman held various positions and titles at Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. – including Deputy Head of Procurement and Managing Director. Roman Lovenfosse previously worked as a senior consultant at HWP Planungsgesellschaft from 2000 – 2003.

After many years holding management positions within healthcare settings, and most recently as Managing Director of the City of Cologne Hospitals 2003-2018, Roman Lovenfosse has since then devoted himself once again to complex process and economic issues within operations, as well as strategic and structural development options for hospital networks. He additionally supports clients with developing funding opportunities. His plethora of experience results in a deep understanding of the needs of healthcare institutions.

»The Hospital of the Future - we excel in it! Now with new flexibility and proven structure!«
Roman Lovenfosse