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Southwest Medical Healthcare City, Lu Zhou, China


International Competition (1st prize)

Client   City Government, Lu Zhou
Location   Lu Zhou, China
Duration   2012
Function   Hospital (5000 beds), implementation in three stages;
  outpatient departments for 12000 patients/day, emergency
  centre, intensive care unit, coronary care unit, neonatal intensive
  care unit, surgery centre, medical centre, specialized hospitals
  (825,000 m² GFA); elderly care village (2000 beds) with medical
  service centre (247,000 m² GFA); staff housing for 12000
  employees with supporting facilities (500,000 m² GFA)
GFA   1,572,000 m²
Architecture and Engineering   Architectural services:
  International Competition (1st prize)
Management Consultancy
and Operational Planning
  Operational and architectural
  development planning

Architecture. Engineering. Consulting.

HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH (HWP) headquartered in Stuttgart, oversees complex design and construction projects internationally for clients in the health sector, education and research, industry, labs and science, logistics and commerce, as well as public administration and other services.               

For over 40 years, HWP has been a leader in the field of integrated consulting, planning, realisation and commissioning for hospitals, clinics, universities, laboratories and research buildings as well as industrial buildings for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and semiconductor clients. Our interdisciplinary and integrated team of 100 highly qualified staff includes architects, engineers, project managers, computer scientists, and medical, economic, social and management professionals. This enables HWP to offer unique consulting and planning solutions, to advise clients on strategic, operational and design aspects. We design and build the hospitals of the future, 'smart' research facilities and efficient and ergonomic production sites.      

Our disciplines are grouped into the four business divisions of Architecture and Engineering, Project Management, Management Consulting and Operational Planning, and Medical and Laboratory Engineering. This allows innovations whether architectural, methodological, operational, organizational or technical to be directly integrated, planned and implemented into the project, marking us out as innovation leaders in hospital, research and industrial building construction both within Germany and internationally.