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Al Rajhi University Al Bukairiyah, Al Qassim

Client   Sulaiman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi Charitable Foundation, Riyadh
Location   Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia
Duration   2007 to 2011
Function   1st building phase: Medical University (6,000 students)
  with teaching hospital (1000 beds) incl. infrastructure
  central facilities and housing area
  non-medical university (10,000 students)
Figures   16,000 students totally
GFA   750,000 m²
Architecture and Engineering   Master plan and operational
  and architectural
  development planning incl.
  infrastructure for the
  whole university
  1st realisation phase:
  Architectural and
  engineering services
Management Consultancy
and Operational Planning
  Participation in the
  conception of the whole
  university in cooperation
  with the University of
  Strategic consulting
  Operational conception
  Functional and single room
Medical and Laboratory Engineering   Planning of medical and
  laboratory equipment

Planning for success

An overview of our services:


  • Strategic management consultancy
  • Expert structural reports: market analysis, service demand projections, health service profile developments
  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Dynamic process simulation
  • Organisation and process consulting
  • Operational/constructional development planning
  • Quantitative and qualitative resource programming
  • Preparation, organisation and processing of architectural competitions and similar procedures according to regulations of the European Union
  • Planning and execution of commissioning


Anyone dealing with strategic and operational business planning is obliged to take high-impact decisions which will only prove to be right at a much later stage. Operating procedures, buildings and equipment, human resources, logistical issues, optimisation of organisation and processes – all these factors have a major impact on the quality of an institution or a company.


In the field of health care services these aspects have a major impact on its three main elements of success: medical quality, economical quality and the quality of research and education. And finally, there is also the aspect of how well a business will stand up in the market and be capable of expanding or whether an institution will be able to fulfil its functions in a cost-effective manner.


And it is these very issues that are taken up by HWP's experts in management consultancy and operational planning when advising clients. We rise to the daily challenge of developing visionary service models and mapping the future demands health service providers will face.


This is based on systematic analysis and innovative process simulation, 40 years of experience with challenging projects at home and abroad as well as an unique combination of different skills in our multidisciplinary teams with a core of medical doctors, health economists and nursing management experts.

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