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Tertiary education area Middle Hesse: Overrid. PM

Client   Federal State of Hesse
Location   Marburg and Giessen, Germany
Duration   2008 to 2019
Function   Laboratory, institutes, central facilities
  libraries, refectories
Figures   Number of students Marburg: approx. 23,400
  number of students Giessen: approx. 33,000
  ‎approx. 990 Mio. Euro
Project Management   Overriding project
  management for execution
  of the tertiary-education
  building investigation
  program “HEUREKA” in
  Middle Hesse

Everything under control

An overview of our services:


Project control

  • Development of project organisation and communication systems
  • Quality control
  • Cost control
  • Time control


Project management

  • Client's representative
  • Contract management
  • Decision management
  • Conflict management
  • Organisational unit to be in charge for all relevant project matters
  • Project representative for users, authorities, the public, etc.


Special services

  • Preparation, organisation and processing of architectural competitions and similar procedures according to regulations of the European Union
  • Implementation and maintenance of project communication systems
  • Contract award management
  • Change order management
  • Claim management
  • Relocation planning
  • Tenant coordination


HWP has been responsible for project management involving highly complex building projects on behalf of clients based both at home and abroad for 40 years. Here we combine our expertise in project management with specialist skills from the fields of operational planning, medical / laboratory engineering, project planning and building services. This means we are able to check on technical aspects and quality while controlling the progress of all contractor services involved in the project. If necessary, we query results and contribute suggestions for improvement in dialogue with architects and engineers.

The efficient management of interfaces, coordination and control face HWP with further challenges, but our skills in project planning benefit clients here as well. Ultimately we are aiming to dovetail the services of all consultants and contractors involved in construction to optimum effect so we can deliver a successful overall result.


We can call on software tools for project management which have been developed by ourselves in-house. We offer sound branch-specific knowledge, above all in the fields of health care, higher education, construction of industrial and office buildings as well as department stores.


We would be delighted to answer your questions in person.

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