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University Hospital Bern, Clinical Centre for Intensive Care

Client   Canton of Bern
Location   Bern, Switzerland
Duration   1996 to 2012
Function   New building in two phases for an emergency
  medicine unit, diagnostic radiology with CT and
  MRT, nuclear medicine, surgical area (18 operation
  theatres), surgical intensive care ward, central
  sterilisation and central laboratory (haematology,
  clinical chemistry, immunology, transfusion medicine)
Figures   39 beds (surgical intensive care unit)
  approx. 138 Mill. EUR
GFA   NIA approx. 30,000 m²
Management Consultancy
and Operational Planning
  Preparation and processing
  of the architectural competition;
  Operational planning and
  consulting on the central
  operation unit and laboratories
Medical and Laboratory Engineering   Planning, tendering and project
  supervision of equipment
  including medical and
  laboratory equipment

Health solutions

An overview of our services:


  • Database-driven integrated planning
  • Design and procurement of equipment appliances and furniture considering besides functional requirements also ergonomic and financial aspects
  • Supplier-independent equipment and installation planning
  • Tender documents and contract award
  • Project supervision
  • Assistance with commissioning
  • Assessment and evaluation of available equipment
  • Consulting for medical devices


How can a high-tech magnetic resonance tomograph be incorporated in the existing X-ray department of a hospital? What equipment and connections are needed in a surgery department to maximise the number of operations performed there? How can the flood of paperwork at an intensive care unit be stemmed?


These examples demonstrate that the planning of medical and laboratory equipment involves more than "just" fitting out rooms with furniture and medical devices. Here, it is a question of ensuring the best possible use of the resources available for medical and scientific work. Science, research and technology are coming up with new developments at lightning speed and it has never been so important to respond with flexible laboratory concepts. In our view this also involves optimising the quality of the workplace for the staff working here, particularly in laboratories subject to stringent safety standards.


At HWP the planning for medical and laboratory equipment takes place in close multidisciplinary cooperation between our experts for operational and organisational planning, doctors, medical staff, architects and engineers from our own company. The use of sophisticated IT tools provides certainty in terms of planning, time schedule and costs at an early stage in the project.


For 40 years this approach has allowed HWP to undertake consulting, planning and installation of medical and laboratory equipment on projects of varying sizes based throughout the world.

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