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Large Scale Biotech

Client   Merck KGaA, Darmstadt
Location   Vevey, Switzerland
Duration   2006 to 2011
Function   Reconstruction and extension of biopharmaceutical production
  with new logistics building with high-rise stores
  waste water treatment plant, generator power house
  gatehouse and interim measures; office remodeling
GFA   84,000 m²
Architecture and Engineering   Architectural services: Master plan
  Planning, Tendering, Project supervision

A question of high investment – and little time

We offer special expertise in planning and construction of different production buildings for the:


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnological industry
  • Microelectronic industry


Architecture. Engineering. Consulting.

With our specialist teams we can offer you sound technical expertise which can be networked in our company at any time to cater for your needs. Depending on your requirements we can provide comprehensive support in all phases of a project or just for specific services:


  • Architecture and mechanical engineering: from master plan to project supervision
  • Project management: controlling and project responsibility
  • Management consultancy / Operational planning: from the development of the basic information derived from the company's purpose, organisational structure, flow of works and resource planning to the commissioning of the organisation
  • Medical and laboratory engineering: from the identification of the requirements regarding the medical and laboratory equipment, planning, tendering and supervision of installation to the start-up of the process and putting into operation


It's the "here and now" that counts. Nowadays industry has to be able to respond extremely quickly to new advances in research and developments in the market. This is particularly true of high-tech and pharmaceutical companies, who are key clients of HWP. Here we work to tight timeframes for the planning and construction of complex production plants, including the associated administration and infrastructure facilities. Such projects call for high levels of investment.


This in its turn requires careful cost management, without making compromises in terms of quality.


Our staff embrace these requirements in every phase of a project, contributing high levels of expertise, willingness to cooperate, experience and knowledge of the branch. For example, we can sometimes save time by overlapping project phases or thinking ahead to allow construction work to begin while plant planning is still in progress. The result is a whole series of successful industrial complexes, with our company taking overall responsibility for the project or just individual services on behalf of clients in Germany, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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