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Telekom Logistics Centre, Oschatz

Client   Deutsche Telekom/DeTeImmobilien, Leipzig
Location   Oschatz, Germany
Duration   1994 to 1997
Function   Conversion of the existing storage halls, new construction
  of an apron zone, office and commissioning section,
  high-rise warehouse and hazardous freight storeroom
  as well as new configuration of the exterior facilities
  including rain purification and collection basin
Figures   approx. 22.3 Mill. EUR
GFA   12,530 m²
Architecture and Engineering   Architectural and engineering
  services: Planning Tendering
  Project supervision
Project Management   Time scheduling and control
  Cost planning and control

For a smooth flow

We offer special expertise in planning and construction of:


  • logistics centres
  • long-span and high-rise warehouses in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry


Architecture. Engineering. Consulting.

With our specialist teams we can offer you sound technical expertise which can be networked in our company at any time to cater for your needs. Depending on your requirements we can provide comprehensive support in all phases of a project or just for specific services:


  • Architecture and mechanical engineering: from master plan to project supervision
  • Project management: controlling and project responsibility
  • Management consultancy / Operational planning: from the development of the basic information derived from the company's purpose, organisational structure, flow of works and resource planning to the commissioning of the organisation


A smooth flow of materials at a high-tech warehouse, exploiting the potential for logistical rationalisation – the ideal situation for everyone working in the logistics sector. There are of course many different factors that have an impact on logistics. But we can provide solutions to achieve this ideal when it comes to planning, building or converting logistics centres and warehouses.


In particular, by looking ahead, planning a logistical process in every detail and implementing it according to state-of-the-art technology. Reliable project management is needed if everything is to go smoothly on site as well. This is one of HWP's strengths - and has been demonstrated by the many projects we have carried out for this branch.

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