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Department Store 'Oberpollinger'

Client   Karstadt Immobilien AG & Co. KG
Location   Munich, Germany
Duration   2003 bis 2006
Function   Department store and parking garage
Figures   30,650 m² sales area
  approx. 84.1 Mill. EUR
GFA   42.860 m²
Project Management   Project management services
  Review of drawings
  Cooperation in contract award
  Quality assurance

Commerce means change

We offer special expertise in planning and construction of:


  • department stores
  • shopping centres


Architecture. Engineering. Consulting.

With our specialist teams we can offer you sound technical expertise which can be networked in our company at any time to cater for your needs. Depending on your requirements we can provide comprehensive support in all phases of a project or just for specific services:


  • Project management: controlling and project responsibility


Commerce means change and continuous adaptation to the Zeitgeist. Nothing is thus more enduring than change. This is also reflected in the planning and execution of a department store project.

When building department stores it is essential to have dynamic planning processes under control and to take decisions at the very last minute without compromising compliance with the time schedule or costs. To ensure this we have developed tools and methods which have proved their worth over many years.


We represent the interests of investors or tenants depending on the individual contract. The special quality of our project management approach lies in combining management methods with the specialist knowledge of consultants. Working with 100 architects, engineers and other disciplines we not only take charge of project management - we are also one of the largest planning consultants in Germany. This is the very reason why we are able to offer professional project management skills.

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