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Mechnikov North Western State Medical University, St. Petersburg


International competition, one of two 1st places

Client   Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Location   St. Petersburg, Russia
Duration   2013
Function   University hospital, rehabilitation clinic, research & laboratory building
Figures   1290 beds (thereof university hospital: 930 beds;
  rehabilitation clinic: 360 beds); 120 additional beds
  intensive care; 16 OTs; dialysis centre: 40 seats;
  chemotherapy and radiation therapy: 60 places for
  outpatients; outpatients per year: 1.000 000
GFA   approx. 240.000 m²
Architecture and Engineering   International competition, one of two 1st places

When it's high value that counts

We offer special expertise in planning and construction of different health service sectors:


  • health facilities catering for different care levels
  • special clinics and university hospitals
  • out-patient facilities in the health sector
  • rehabilitation centres and nursing homes


Architecture. Engineering. Consulting.

With our specialist teams we can offer you sound technical expertise which can be networked in our company at any time to cater for your needs. Depending on your requirements we can provide comprehensive support in all phases of a project or just for specific services:


  • Architecture and mechanical engineering: from master plan to project
  • Project management: controlling and project responsibility
  • Management consultancy / Operational planning: from the development of the basic information derived from the company's purpose, organisational structure, flow of works and resource planning to the commissioning of the organisation
  • Medical and laboratory engineering: from the identification of the requirements regarding the medical and laboratory equipment, planning, tendering and supervision of installation to the start-up of the process and putting into operation


The health sector is a growth market with a high potential. It accounts for a significant share of a nation's gross domestic product, boosting major investments and employment opportunities. However, health service providers are facing tremendous pressures in terms of costs and efficiency requirements. The coordination and integration of key elements of success - medical quality, economic quality and the quality of research and education - remain a major challenge for health care organisations.


The health sector is a field that has always been a focus of HWP's activities. From the highly specialised laboratory for basic science research to the development of health care cities, we have been providing professional expertise and consultancy services in numerous projects worldwide during planning and realisation stages.

Our company is specifically characterised by a multidisciplinary cooperation between architects, engineers, economists, doctors, laboratory technicians and nursing staff as well as project managers. This allows us to create sustainable solutions for our clients – and at the same time health care facilities which cater for the needs of the people for whom they are intended.

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