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New Building 'Multigeneration House Paulinenpark', Stuttgart


Competition (1st prize)

Client   Foundation "Heilanstalt Paulinenhilfe für orthopädisch Kranke"
Location   Stuttgart
Duration   2007 to 2012
Function   Multigeneration house (old people's and nursery home,
  attended housing, nursery school, social centre)
Figures   approx. 15.5 Mill. EUR
GFA   11.000 m²
Architecture and Engineering   Competition (1st prize),
  Planning, Tendering
  Project supervision
Project Management   Project management

Dementia Orientation Check

How age and dementia orientated are we?


With the Dementia Orientation Check, an overview showing your hospital's current alignment to age and dementia care requirements, offering fast, pragmatic and concrete recommendations is delivered.


The Dementia Orientation Check consists of three evaluated components:

  • Analysis of selected data
  • Interviews with the management committee
  • Operational-structural stocktaking: The flow of the patients from admission to discharge (using a defined patient as example)


Based on these, the strenghts, weaknesses and urgency of any need for action is calculated.


In a management summary, specific recommandations for implementation are delivered with an assessment of if and how these can be realized. Naturally we can support you in these measures.


The Dementia Orientation Check was nominated for the so called "Management & Krankenhaus Award 2014".


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