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Göztepe Training and Research Hospital


Earthquake resistant hospital design, Sustainable Building (target: LEED certification)

Client   Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPCU)
Location   Istanbul, Turkey
Duration   2010 to 2012
Function   Functional diagnostics, 27 operation theatres + 1 caesarean section,
  Intensive care unit , central sterilisation, inpatient departments,
  paediatric centre of excellence, teaching areas,
  logistics, underground parking
Figures   1,149 beds
GFA   251,520 m²
Architecture and Engineering   Conceptual study, Master plan
  Design Planning, Construction drawings
  Building permission, application
Management Consultancy
and Operational Planning
  Planning of resources, Organisational structure
  and process planning, Functional and single room
  program, Healthcare logistics, Dynamic process,
  simulation and optimisation
Medical and Laboratory Engineering   Planning and tendering of
  medical and laboratory
  equipment, IT Solutions